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PLEASE NOTE:  Walk-ins may not be possible for these first few weeks of operation.  Please book online or call first to avoid disappointment!  Thanks!

We have something for everyone at No Escape Iowa - come and enjoy our technology-rich escape rooms.  The Teacher's Pet is a uniquely all-ages experience and very suitable for a kid's Birthday party.  In addition to our rooms, we have other activities scattered about our facility to amuse and entertain.

Ghostly Figures (Maximum 12 People, $20 or $15 for under 16s)
Difficulty Level:  Hard

The Teacher's Pet (Maximum 10 People, $20 Adults or $15 under 16s)
Difficulty Level (Moderate, can be made easier for younger kids)

What do you do when the people you trust turn out to be evil??

Disclaimer:  In this room, references are made to the supernatural and occult.  If this offends, please speak now or forever hold your peace.
You find yourself in an ancient disused church that dates back to the 10th century.  To your horror, you discover that the church has been the scene of three gruesome murders over a period of many hundreds of years.  One of the victims remains in the ‘Twilight Zone’ or the land between the living and the dead.  Her supernatural powers are holding you in the room in the hope that you can help to release her.   In order to facilitate her release you must identify the murderous spirits and their leader and then perform a ritual ceremony to cleanse the spirits of their evil. 

Remember those warm fuzzy feelings you got from your 1st Grade Teacher... Right?? Not so with Ms. Canesbottom... probably the meanest teacher in the district. One day Ms. Canesbottom loses it completely and won't let the kids go home - ever! Canesbottom's one and only pet student - Edmund Suckup apparently does have a good side and has left a few clues to help the other kids escape.... or is he just messing with them?? This room can be booked as part of a 'Party Pack.' Please call for details as this option cannot be booked online.

No Escape!

The Puzzle Rooms

Welcome to No Escape Iowa!  We will eventually have three rooms to puzzle, perplex and confound you!  All of our rooms make extensive use of technology in order to provide you with what we think are some unique and challenging puzzles!  Another way in which we are unique is in our support of kids.  The Teacher's Pet has been designed with reconfigurable puzzles that are suitable for elementary-age kids and adults alike.  The Teacher's Pet is perfect for a kid's Birthday party and you can even rent additional space for a pizza party and video games afterwards!

Escape Room / Pizza Party / Afternoon Tea

Escape rooms are a fantastic way to entertain kids for a Birthday party or other special event.  In particular, The Teacher's Pet has been specifically designed with kids in mind and the puzzles are all reconfigurable for different age ranges.  An escape room offers a great balance of academic challenge, team building, out-of-box thinking and last but certainly not least, fun!  The Teacher's Pet is suitable for groups no larger that ten and we suggest eight for kids older than 8th Grade and adults.  After they have finished, other spaces are available for a sit-down party.  We have computer games and other activities to entertain your little ones including 'Bat the Rat' and 'Giant Operation.'  Sit down for food and snacks.  We offer 10% discount on food purchased from the Mucky Duck or we will bring in pizza or other food of your choice from anywhere else in town for a small additional charge.  Or how about a tea party - Alice in Wonderland style?  Call and ask for Marcus to find out how we can make you next Birthday celebration something special!


Birthday Party

Tell us what you want!!

Kids Birthday parties - we'll do our best to accommodate your needs!  Pizza Party?  Alice-In-Wonderland?  Video Game Party?  Talk to us and we can make it work!

Combination Lock

Mucky Duck

Food, drinks and entertainment!

We are owned by the same people who have the Mucky Duck Pub.  This allows to offer some exciting cross-promotional deals.  For example, the monthly best time on 'giant operation' will receive a $10 Mucky Duck Gift Card.  You will also receive a 15% discount card for the Mucky Duck Pub whenever you play a room.  Those eating at the pub will also receive a 20% discount card for No Escape Iowa.  Lots of ways to win and save!!

Chained Door

Opening Hours

IMPORTANT:  We are still operating mainly in an 'appointment only' mode.  However, if you want an immediate booking and the website says the slot in unavailable, just call - chances are we can accommodate you!

Come Visit... and stay a while!!

Thursday: 3pm - 9pm
Friday: 11am - 9pm
Saturday: 10am - 9pm
Sunday: Noon-7pm

Note:  Last bookings will be about one hour before the above stated closing times.  Please refer to the online booking form for more details.

We may be able to take reservations outside of these hours.  Please call or e-mail to chat about your specific requirements!

Kids Birthdays:  Please call to discuss - these cannot be booked online.

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