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Learn to program micro-controllers

Learn practical electronics

Learn theoretical electronics
Other Programming (C, Excel VBA) 

Individual or Group Training
K-12 Inquiries Welcome

Puzzle-Building Workshop:  Learn how to use micro-controllers to build your own puzzles, sensors and control systems!  Six two-hour classes covering hardware and software.  Lots's of fun stuff to take home and keep.  For more information please download the flyer.  Please note that the format of this class can be customized, contact us for more information.

Tinkering withScience

Tinker:  To repair, adjust, or work with something in an unskilled or experimental manner.


Although described as ‘unskilled’, tinkering can provide kids with some very valuable skills—skills they can’t develop playing video games or with online classes.

Tinkering with Science provides kids with a safe environment in which they can dismantle, break apart and deconstruct a variety of modern objects such as printers and scanners.  They will…

  • Learn how to use everyday tools

  • Learn about the different components inside modern equipment

  • Make use of these individual components

  • Build something new from all the parts, possibly artistic or Rube Goldberg like

Details and Options

Note:  Exact times and date can be chosen prior to the classes starting  - we are pretty flexible!  We require supervision for kids under 12 years old.

Short Art Tinker ($30 / person, minimum three people):  
Two-hour single session.  Good idea for a Birthday Party!  Take some things apart and make some art out of the parts.   Learn how to safely use common tools.

Long Art Tinker: ($100 / person, minimum three people):  
Four two-hour tinkers.  Take some things apart are create something beautiful!!  Learn how to safely use common tools.

Tinker and Learn:  ($120 / person, minimum three people):
Four two-hour tinkers (or can be don on single or two days).  Take apart modern equipment, salvage parts and see how they work.  Learn basic electronics in the process.

Tinker and Learn Extended: ($200 / person, minimum three):
Eight two-hour tinkers.  Additional activities include building an exciting electronic project.