The Teacher's Pet

Remember those warm fuzzy feelings you got from your 1st Grade Teacher... Right?? Not so with Ms. Canesbottom... probably the meanest teacher in the district. One day Ms. Canesbottom loses it completely and won't let the kids go home - ever! Canesbottom's one and only pet student - Edmund Suckup apparently does have a good side and has left a few clues to help the other kids escape.... or is he just messing with them?? This room can be booked as part of a 'Party Pack.' Please call for details as this option cannot be booked online.

The Teacher's Pet (Max. 10 People, $20 Adults or $15 under 16s)
Difficulty Level (Moderate, can be made easier for younger kids)

(515) 337-8770

328 Main Street, Suite 30, Ames, IA, 50010-6162 USA

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