The Teacher's Pet

Level:  Easy - Moderate

Numbers: Up to 8 kids or 4 adults.

Do you remember your Kindergarten teacher?  Were they nice to you? Did they make you feel welcome and safe at school?  If those things were true, you were very lucky!  If you are doing The Teacher's Pet today then sadly you will not be so lucky!  Ms. Canesbottom is your teacher today and she is the meanest teacher in the district.  One day she loses it completely and locks all of her students - that's you - into PERMENANT detention.  This is obviously unacceptable - you have to figure out how to Escape the Classroom!  Teacher's Pet Edmund Suckup might be able to help you... or maybe not!

NOTE:  Let the kids do this room on their own and watch from our convenient and comfortable viewing lounge - we'll even make you a coffee!