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Ghostly Figures

Maximum 12 People, $20 or $15 for under 16s
Difficulty Level:  Hard

A little scary.

The Teacher's Pet
Maximum 8 People, $20 Adults or $15 under 16s

Difficulty Level:  Moderate, can be made easier for younger kids

Good for small groups and even couples.

Game On
Maximum 4 People, $20 Adults or $15 for under 16s

Difficulty Level:  Moderate - Hard
For those who enjoy board games.

Coming Soon....


Stoneford, PI
Maximum 8 People
Crime scene investigation with forensics - and a twist!


Mile-High Terror
Maximum 4 People
Stuck in an elevator high in a burning building - are you going to make it out in time?


Murder/Mystery Dinner (Starting October)

Minimum 6 People, Maximum 16 People

Enjoy a catered three-course meal - traditional British-style roast beast.... until something happens, somebody is murdered!


(515) 337-8770

328 Main Street, Suite 30, Ames, IA, 50010-6162 USA

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