Our Rooms

Game On

Group Size: 2-4 People

Difficulty Level: Very Hard

Monthly special!  Get the best time and win $100 cash plus a full room refund!

Murder Mystery Dinners

Group Size: 8-16 People

Three-course meal catered by The Mucky Duck.  Roast Beast with all the trimmings!

Ghostly Figures

Group Size 4-12 (Larger Groups Call)

Difficulty Level: Hard

Disclaimer! References to the paranormal and occult made.

Teacher's Pet

Group Size: 2-8

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Great for Birthday Parties!  Family Friendly

Coming Soon:  Elevated Terror

Group Size: 2-4

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Coming Soon: Where's the Remote?

Group Size: 2-12

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Family Friendly!

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328 Main Street, Suite 30, Ames, IA, 50010-6162 USA

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