Game On

Do you love board games?  Enjoy staying in on a Friday night playing games while other people deal with the drunk crowds?  If so, this room is for you.  Game On is a small and intimate room, we recommend no more than four people.  

Your friends invite you to their house for 'game night', however, the night quickly turns into a nightmare when they lock you in the spare room and say you must prove yourselves worthy of their friendship by solving the game puzzles and escaping the room.  If you do manage to get out, you may choose some different friends... if you get out!

Game On (Max. 4 People, $20 Adults or $15 under 16s)
Difficulty Level:  Moderate to Hard

(515) 337-8770

328 Main Street, Suite 30, Ames, IA, 50010-6162 USA

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